Ciclo di seminari “TECNOLOGIA E ARCHITETTURA” – Lectio magistralis "High Density Urban Order", prof. Patrick Schumacher - Esame Monodisciplinare d’Ambito (prof.ssa Ladiana), Giovedì 21 Ottobre 2021 ore 14:30 live su google meet

20 Ottobre 2021

Esame di Monodisciplinare d’Ambito
Prof.ssa Daniela Ladiana

Ciclo di seminari
Scenari d’innovazione

Lectio magistralis "High Density Urban Order"

prof. Patrick Schumacher

ore 14:30 21 Ottobre 2021

live on google meet:


Patrik Schumacher is principal of Zaha Hadid Architects.
He joined Zaha Hadid in 1988. In 1996 he founded the Design Research Laboratory at the Architectural Association where he continues to teach.
Since 2007 he has been promoting “Parametricism” as epochal style for the 21st century.


D.E.S.TeC. University of Pisa
Ècole Nationale d’Architecture Marrakech

School of Architecture University Chieti Pescara